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From 24.05 until 17.06.2018, the technology company Huawei organises a photographic exhibition #CityRenaissance at WIELS which focuses entirely on smartphone photography.

This project is the first of three that showcases the images of amateur Belgian photographers who have partnered with Huawei, among which Zahra Reismüller, David Crunelle, Aris Setya, Sebastien Nagy, Ruben Parthoens, Alexander Corlazzoli, Gekiere Shotz, Mathias Matteo, Anna Brekine, Christophe Staelens, Bouchta ElDib, Frederic-Paulussen, Jonathan Sommereyns, Lukas De Groodt, Thomas Lhoest, Dennis Nooten and Hans De Smedt.

A second exhibition will focus on images submitted by the public as part of Huawei’s #CityRenaissance campaign. The competition is open to anyone: just take a picture of your city with any smartphone, then post it publicly on your favourite photo-sharing platform using the #CityRenaissance hashtag. A jury of expert judges will review all entries and the best images will be exhibited in WIELS from 26.07 until 09.08.2018. More information about the current exhibition and the public competition can be found on

25.05 - 17.06.2018 #CityRenaissance Open from Tuesday until Sunday, 11:00 – 18:00 Free entrance Organised by Huawei