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Cécile Massart - Sarcophagi - Radioactive Waste

Exhibitions Art > Botanique
Cécile Massart is a Belgian artist who uses different mediums: drawing, engraving, installations, photography, video, artist’s book. In 1994, the matter of locating sites used for the storage of radioactive waste becomes the primary subject of her work.
She seeks to raise awareness about the visibility of these sites among the agencies managing them. Her goal is to incorporate this uniquely 21st century archaeological stratus into the landscape, thus calling on every individuals’ own sense of responsibility. What type of energy policy do we want for the future? What do we want to pass down to future generations?“Dessel, September 2018: this photo bears witness to current engineering studies on concrete. Stelae. Erected at the edge of the woods. What we see is the result of studies carried out on the walls of the structure containing low radiation waste at the new Belgian storage site. It feels as if you’re facing a line of sculptures, like an exhibition that isn’t one, an artistic structure lacking in art. For the past 20 years the only objective has been security. It’s a strange feeling, connecting me to tomorrow, to the unknown, dizzying; a feeling where my interpretation overlaps with my dream of having them marked.”Cécile Massart