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BRUEGEL. The Originals

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BRUEGEL. The Originals 450 years after his death, Pieter Bruegel the Elder’s masterpieces still speak to our imagination. The Renaissance master was an astute observer of his world and time; the rich, fascinating and tumultuous sixteenth century. Bruegel's artistic career was short - he died around the age of 40. Today only about forty of his paintings have been preserved, making them extremely rare and valuable. After Vienna, the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium hold the second largest collection of paintings by Bruegel the Elder in the world. At the Old Masters Museum, you can admire the original paintings of this iconic artist. They will introduce you to a whole cast of characters – sometimes peculiar, sometimes recognizable; but all masterpieces in their own right. In addition, you can discover about a dozen works by Bruegel’s sons and other followers, which allow you to further explore his brilliant artistic work.A Bruegel family trail ("Destination Bruegel"), especially created for this anniversary, takes young and old on a quest through the Museum, exploring the artworks by Bruegel and some of his predecessors with hand-on activities. You are also plunged into Bruegel's universe through a range of digital experiences, including the immersive "Bruegel Box", to which two new videos about the winter scenes at the RMFAB were added for this occasion. A new audio route through the Old Masters Museum is also mapped out. With 15 listening points and a visitor's guide, (re)discover the original Bruegel works, but also the sources of inspiration and the followers of the Renaissance master.