Alentour a project by John Armleder

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John Armleder, Stéphane Kropf, Mai-Thu Perret, Blair Thurman, John Tremblay, Sylvie Fleury, Philippe Decrauzat, Ralph Rumney, Elaine Lustig Cohen, Poul Gernes, Domenico Battista, Fabrice Gygi, Christian Floquet

In April 2019, Fondation CAB invites the emblematic and iconoclastic Swiss artist John Armleder (b. 1948 in Geneve) to conceive a unique exhibition. Armleder brings together pioneers of the Swiss art scene since the sixties, adhering to the epitome of primary abstraction and graphic geometry that originated in Switzerland in the second half of the century, with international artists working in the wake of this tradition, appropriating this heritage in their own, free and eclectic manner.