Brussels Museums Council

Brussels Museums - The Brussels Museums Council is the federative organization of more than 100 Brussels’ museums

As federation, we fully encourage more than 100 Brussels’ museums to continually improve and diversify their offer. We commit to deliver all-round support to the museums, facilitate mutual collaboration and synergy and actively promote and represent them via projects like Museum Night Fever, Brussels Museums Nocturnes (Late Night Openings), the Brussels Card, the "100 Masters: 100 treasures from the Brussels' museums" campaign and the 100 treasures catalogue, the Brussels Museums Map and more. Hence, we aim to preserve and solidify the image of Brussels as a city of museums among locals, Belgians and tourists from all over the world.

Some history

The creation of our organization seemed an evident response to a deeply felt need. Where could people find out about all Brussels Museums and their diversity? Where could museums find their own personal forum? Since 1995, our non-profit slowly came to represent the museums of the Brussels-Capital Region. Among them, federal, communal, community or private museums who deal with art, technology, industry, science, local and foreign culture, literature, history and much more. Present on all fronts, our organisation aims since its creation around 20 museums to illustrate the unique style and expertise of its members, as well as their role as guardian of the capital’s heritage.

Our realizations

One of our main objectives is to keep the Belgian heritage alive. To get this through, we organise recurring - and awesome - events like Museum Night Fever and the Brussels Museums Nocturnes, but there’s more. We develop other products and projects like the Brussels Card, the Brussels Museums Map, the 100 treasures catalogue and this very own website. On our online platform, not only do we introduce our museums but we also offer you a heads-up on current and upcoming exhibitions, provide you with practical information, give you the best tips and keep you up to date with the last museum extravaganza.

Our members

Among our members, we naturally find museums situated in the Brussels-Capital Region. There are 4 exceptions of neighboring museums who have a strong connection with the capital. Open on a regular basis, they must serve the community and its development and are not solely in pursuit of profit. The institutions gather, conserve and scientifically research historical testimonies of humanity. They communicate about their findings and discoveries for the greater benefit of study and education or enjoyment.

Our functioning

The General Assembly, in which each museum holds a voice, establishes every year the list of priority projects. The Administrative Committee makes sure that they are successfully completed. A permanent committee makes sure the projects are concretely achieved.

The BMC is supported by the Brussels-Capital Region, the two community commissions (French and Flemish), the Flemish Community, the French Community, the City of Brussels, the National Bank of Belgium and by its members.

Board of directors

Claire Leblanc (Museum of Ixelles)

Kristien Opstaele (Royal Museum of Central Africa)

David Guilardian (Collections of the Public Social Welfare Bureau of Brussels)
secretary general

Anne-Lize Kochuyt (Planetarium of Brussels)

Pascale Falek-Alhadeff (Jewish Museum of Belgium)

Tine Anthoni (Belgian Comic Strip Center)

Sébastien de Baere (Autoworld)

Julie Bouniton (KBR)

Frédérique Honoré (Coudenberg)

Arnaud Matagne (MoMuse)

Peggy Van Lierde (Choco-Story)

Isabelle Van Loo (Museum of Natural Sciences)