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Radouan Mriziga - Ayur

Performances, Concerts Art > Kanal - Centre Pompidou
Modernity was significant in shaping societies, and deciding what is to be defined as knowledge: in this process indigenous and popular knowledge were often consistently destroyed. Yet, these erased narratives still influence the present, towards local and global contexts. Ayur is a dance solo created by Radouan Mriziga, a dancer and choreographer born in Marrakesh and based in Brussels, and the first part in a trilogy focusing on the semantics and mythologies of the Imazighen, the indigenous people of North Africa. The whole trilogy centres on female figures, as guardians of the transmission of Amazigh knowledge. In Ayur, Radouan Mriziga honours the idea of transmission by creating a solo for Sondos Belhassen, who has been his dance teacher while he was living in Tunis. A work where the choreography emerges between the rhythm of the body and the one of the text, written with the poet Lilia Ben Romdhane and rapper Mahdi Chammen “Massi”. Ayur is the goddess associated in Punic Carthage with the moon. Presented in the space of KANAL, with the night of the city filtering through its glasses, it becomes a choreographic space to carve out a new paradigm of reflections regarding the past, and to arrive at a more inclusive future.