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Rachel Podger & Arte dei Suonatori

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La stravaganza: The Violin Concerto from Vivaldi to Haydn

Arte dei Suonatori first collaborated with Rachel Podger on a Vivaldi album 20 years ago. With two concertos from the composer’s La Stravaganza collection, the British baroque violinist pulls out all the stops with a range of expressions. The ensemble, which celebrates its 30th anniversary this year, will also play Telemann’s Concerto Polonois. The German composer worked for a while at the court of Count Erdmann II, a courtier and minister of the king of Poland, August II. Telemann travelled around, stopping at taverns and inns where he listened with admiration to Polish and Moravian musicians entertaining the people with their popular melodies. His Concerto Polonois beautifully illustrates this Polish style.