Visions Fugitives

Those familiar with Florian Noack are in no doubt about his star quality! And those who don’t know him yet will discover him during his recital in the Palais des Beaux-Arts, as part of the Prokofiev Festival jointly presented by Bozar and the Belgian National Orchestra. The young pianist’s flamboyant and deeply inspired playing opens the programme, which was conceived as a portrait of the illustrious Russian composer. Florian Noack conjures up Prokofiev’s teacher, Anatoly Liadov, as well as his friend Myaskovsky, with whom he maintained an artistic bond throughout his life. At the centre of this evocation is the famous Sonata No. 6 in A major, a work composed in 1940, when the world was once again plunged into the horror of World War. Sviatoslav Richter has performed it often, saying that the composer broke the ideals of Romanticism with wild audacity and incorporated the terrifying pulse of the 20th century in his music.”