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Exhibition: Animalia. Trails of life, railways

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An poetic exhibition devoted to biodiversity and its challenges related to the climat change and the leading role of the train in this important theme.

Animalia is a poetic and scientific journey through the main challenges
of our times: threats to the environment, losses of biodiversity and
global warming. In this context, trains are an incredible asset towards
sustainable mobility.

Pierre-Yves Renkin, a renowned Belgian animal sculptor, showcases
a series of life-like animal art works in Train World. These sculptures
enter into dialogue with our railway collections. Through this poetic and
confronting journey, you will discover the causes and challenges of the
current biodiversity and climate change crises. What are the dangers and
what can be done about it?
This exhibition also highlights the efforts of SNCB and Infrabel to reduce the
ecological footprint of their activities on the climate and the environment.

An exhibition to understand and to act!