Echoes of Life

In Echoes of Life, pianist Alice Sara Ott takes the audience on a journey of sound and vision. In a video installation by the architect Hakan Demirel, she questions our relationship with music, but also and above all with art in general, as an open door to our emotions whatever the discipline. The story she recounts in music, in the company of Chopin, as well as Ligeti, Rota or Takemitsu, emphasises this link. Alice Sara Ott explains: Music is one of the most intimate, honest and powerful forms of expression that human beings can share. […] We can reflect on the past - we even carry it with us - but we cannot recreate it, because our ability to see, think and experience is also tied to the present. […] Music strengthens our solidarity and promotes social awareness and inclusion, and it can only exist as a community.”