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23-05-2017 | Exceptional closure

Because of the extra activities linked to the special meeting of NATO in Brussels on 25 May 2017 the opening hours of the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium required an adaptation:

  • Partial opening, from 10:00 to 13:00: the Magritte Museum
  • Open as usual, from 10:00 to 17:00Rik Wouters, Angel Vergara, Pierre Lahaut, Fin-de-Siècle Museum, OldMasters Museum and the modern and contemporary trail
  • Exceptional closure: the Wiertz and Meunier Museums, located in Ixelles.

The RMFAB would like to thank visitors for understanding this extraordinary situation, which is important for our country. Their staff will be pleased to welcome you as usual in all the museums from Friday the 26th, from 10:00!

18-05-2017 | Brussels Museums Map 2017-2018

The indispensable guide, celebrating its 8th edition, for everyone wanting to discover Brussels and its museums is now available for free. In Dutch, French and English the Brussels Museums Map covers 110 well known and less famous Brussels museums.

The map locates all the museums on a crystal clear map, including the main metro, tram and bus lines. The alphabetical index sums up all the museums per keyword (in 3 languages). On the back of the map, there’s an overview in which every museum and its collection is shortly introduced. It offers all the practical information you can possibly think of, in addition to important questions, such as whether you’ll be able to visit the museum with the Brussels Card, if it’s accessible to people with certain disabilities and whether the museum organizes activities for children.

The Museum Map, an essential tool on your discovery of Brussels, is completely free. It’s available at the Brussels museums, at the Brussels tourist offices, at several hotels and upon request with us, the Brussels Museums Council. (

16-05-2017 | Carolus Festival

Carolus V Festival brings with it a series of events showcasing Europe's Renaissance heritage and history. The festival highlights the important role Brussels played in this history. The name Carolus V refers to Charles the Fifth, the most powerful sovereign of the 16th century, whose main place of residence was Brussels. This city, where he received his first legacies in 1515, has since become the capital for over 500 million Europeans. Make sure to take a look at the activities offered by the Coudenberg Palace and Erasmus House

More information on the official website of the Carolus Festival.
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