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20-06-2017 | Annual #MuseumWeek is alive and kicking!

For the occasion of the social media event #MuseumWeek, which places women in the picture, we decided to ask Jeannine Burny her a thing or two about her career. Burny is the president of the Maurice Carême Foundation and curator of the Museum. #StoriesMW

Have you dealt, as a woman in the world of museums, with certain barriers, unforeseen bumps on the road?

Mrs. Burny: "Without a doubt, I met more people willing to support me and my actions, but there were others - and fortunately not as many - who tried to interfere. With the help of our directors and thanks to Maurice Carême’s admirers, I’ve always been able to overcome such obstacles."

What’s the role and influence of women in Maurice Carême’s work?

Mrs. Burny: "It’s clear that his mother had the greatest influence on his work and personality. He had a wonderful relationship with his mother, who made sure that his youth was practically a fairytale, despite the relative humility and poverty in which they lived. One of his most beautiful bundles in this regard is “Mère” (1935), but also in “Femme” (1946), which is a tribute to “Les heures” by (Emile) Verhaeren, you’ll find an idealized image of women. In the second part of “Chansons pour Caprine” (1930), he draws a rather negative outline on women, after the failure of his marriage. Whereas in “La bien-aimée” (1965), he praises the happiness and beauty of love."

Which Belgian female poet doesn’t get the attention or recognition she deserves, in your opinion?

Mrs. Burny: "I have to opt for Andrée Sodenkamp, whose beautiful oeuvre is really worth reading."

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