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Information Technology Museum - Unisys Belgium (Jacques Laffut Collection)

A memory for the future : from punch card operation to the electronic computer.
The computer is older than what we generally think. The Information Technology Museum, located in the buildings of the UNISYS company, presents a chronological development of the ancestors of the computer from 1880 until today. The museum also recounts the history of the calculating machine and of the typewriter. The museum offers the possibility to see more than 250 pieces, some of which are unique. Visiting this institution is having a real journey back to the roots of the industry of information technology.
The museum has closed its doors in Brussels. The Jacques Laffut Collection is now part of the NAM-IP museum in Namur: Rue Henri Blès 192A
5000 Namur (Salzinnes)
+32 (0)8 134 64 99

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