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Spontaneous Art Museum

Works with roots in popular and traditional arts.
Nowadays, academic art is not the only art form to be appreciated, a fact that the Spontaneous Art Museum is rather pleased about. A small courtyard opens into an old printing house where one is invited to take a bewildering journey through non-conventional art forms. Here, the artist's freedom and spontaneity are pushed to their limits, and all aesthetic preconceptions are banned. More than 200 works are exhibited on a rotational basis. Some of these are part of the Naïve current, obviously influenced by folk art or traditional art, while others strive towards Raw Art, drawing inspiration from the mental and intellectual depravity of 'drop-out' painters and sculptors. In addition to collectibles, theme-based exhibitions frequently display the works of some original (to say the least) creators. The museum is unique in more than one way, and art enthusiasts will leave impressed, appreciative, apprehensive or even shocked - but never indifferent.
Rue de la Constitution 27
1030 Schaerbeek
+32 (0)2 426 84 04
+32 (0)2 426 84 04

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