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Museum of Fantastic Art

Fantastic creatures, pictures, paintings, sculptures and fantastic history of the biosynthesis works of professor D.
A wonderful place, housed in a mansion in the rue Américaine, next to the Horta Museum. This spot is entirely dedicated to the fantastic art. Spread over three levels, this collection focuses on everything that is weird and special. The collection, balancing between baroque and peculiar, always emphasises the objects' surrealistic side. Michel Dircken, the brain behind the museum's concept, has taken care of the smallest details and also realised a lot of works. If they had been living now at the beginning of the third millenium, Bosch, Breughel, de Ghelderode, Delvaux, Magritte, Rops or Hergé wouldn't want to miss this fantastic place in the very centre of Brussels!

Rue Américaine 7
1060 Saint-Gilles
+32 (0)475 41 29 18
+32 (0)2 538 28 68

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Every weekend from May to September from 2pm to 5pm.

Tram 81 92 97 - Bus 54
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