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Museum Talks

MuseumTalks are alternative mp3 audio guides for a number of Brussels museums, featuring commentaries by artists, musicians and media personalities, as well as some not-so-famous visitors. They are original commentaries about items or works that have made an impression on them and last for around two minutes. And all in no fewer than twenty-five languages!

How can I listen to MUSEUMTALKS?
MuseumTalks can be selected by museum, subject or language. Just click on the mp3 file you want and listen to it on your computer or record it onto your own mobile phone or mp3 player.

Why is MUSEUMTALKS such a good idea?
People don’t always have the time or means to visit a museum. Now, though, if you want to know what’s on view, you can find out without getting out from behind your computer. Pick the museum you’ve always wanted to visit, and listen to what seem like the most interesting commentaries in your own language. You just have to surf and listen. And if it’s given you a flavour for more, put the best MuseumTalks on your mobile phone or mp3 player and set off for the museum... 

A MUSEUMTALK of your own?
If you’d like to record your own commentary, please contact us at:

A virtual journey through 20 masterpieces from Brussels museums.

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