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A Network of Museums

Brussels Museums Council (BMC) represents and works with nearly 100 museums of the Brussels-Capital Region, either federal, communal, communautarian or private. Dealing with art, technology, industry, sciences, folklore, literature, history and much more fields, they all present a different aspect of Brussels. The richness of their collections and the new vision they have on cultures from all around the world are simply amazing.The objectives of the Brussels Museums Council are the following :

• To promote and represent the museums and their diversity as well as their rich collections made of extraordinary objects, sometimes unique in the world, which are essential witnesses of cultural life and of the regional identity of Brussels, but also of the cultures from all continents;

• To develop collaboration between the museums, even from different disciplines, to stimulate solidarity between them and to target their collective identity;

• To support the museums, to develop their assets and bring solutions to specific problems.

Who are our members?

The museums situated in the Brussels-Capital Region, and neighboring museums (with a strong link to the Brussels-Capital Region) which open to the public regularly and serve the community and its development. Their objectives are not based on profit. These institutions gather, keep and analyze scientifically the material witnesses of Men in order to present them to the public. They communicate their richness and discoveries for study, education or simply for leisure.

Our Functioning

The General Assembly, in which each museum holds a voice, establishes every year the list of priority projects. The Administrative Committee makes sure that they are realized. A permanent committee of six people insures the turning of the projects into reality. Here is a sample of our achievements: survey, edition of a museums guide and a museums map, organization of events for the visitors of the museums.

The BMC is financed by the two communautary commissions (French and Flemish), the Brussels-Capital Region, the Flemish Community, the French Community, the City of Brussels, the National Bank of Belgium, the King Baudouin Foundation, the National Lotery and by its members.

The Brussels Museums Council is supported by :
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